Charles Foreman Pianist

Upcoming Concerts

September 4, 2018: Honens Festival lecture, Piano 101, Memorial Park Library, Calgary, 6:00 – 7:30 pm. A brief look into the history of the piano and piano music, through the repertoire to be performed at the Honens International Piano Competition.

September 6, 2018: Edvard Grieg: Fifteen Lyric Pieces, Snell Auditorium, Red Deer Public Library, 12:15 pm. The programme includes some of Grieg’s most famous Lyric Pieces, including “To Spring,” “March of the Trolls,” “Bell Ringing,” and his “Nocturne,” Op. 54, No. 4.

October 18, 2018: Haydn: the Three Sonatas for Marie Esterházy, Garrison Green Seniors Centre, 2:00 pm. Haydn probably intended these three 1784 piano sonatas to be the last sonatas he wrote for solo piano, but he could not forsee the deaths of his father, of Princess Marie, the wife of his long-time patron Nicholas Esterházy, and of Nicholas himself, nor the invitations to England from the impresario Salomon: unpredictable future events that changed the course of his life.

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